Your videos, safe and secure in the cloud

Data sent to and from our servers are secured using industry standards such as SSL, encryption, and IAM policies

Our security standards

SSL, IAM, Keys, and Encryption


Requests sent to our servers through our API (both API-SDK and Dashboard) are secured using SSL at rest. We ensure that your video data, urls, client credentials, and more is sent over a secure connection and never exposed to the outside world.

IAM Roles & Policies

Our internal backend is deployed and served on AWS. Each task deployed (your transcoding "jobs") are given specific and secure permissions for certain actions to be run. Externally, when you provide us with your Cloud Credentials (AWS, GC, etc), you can setup roles and permissions.

API Keys

To access our API endpoints to create jobs, you must provide us with your User ID (public) and your API Key (private). Your API Key is one-way hashed (SHA) before being saved in our database. These keys are like passwords.


As mentioned above, your API Keys are one-way hashed before being stored in our database. Not only do we do this, but any private and secure Cloud Credentials provided to us are encrypted before being stored in our database, and decrypted when sent to our task worker to complete your transcoding job.

Video Storage

We do not store your content

Video content data that passes through our servers are not directly stored or manipulated for our benefit. We only store data about the video codecs, duration, bit-rate, etc.

If you provided a Signed-URL to your video, we recommend setting a low TTL. Only the URL to the video is stored in our database for our servers to process your request.


No Unauthorized Access

Only you, the authorized user requesting the transcoding, can retrieve information about an ongoing or finished job.

Please make sure to keep your API Key safe and treat it like a password - do not commit it to GitHub. If your key is exposed, you can easily Generate a new key

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